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Australia Assignment Help has highly skilled law assignment writers that offer prominent Tort law assignment help services to the students of Australia. The tort is a civil violation in the rules of common law that reasons a petitioner to experience a loss or harm happening in the legal obligation for the individual who entrusts the tort law.

Tort law contains many areas like International torts (false and battery Imprisonment), Defense torts (Negligence and Necessity), Property torts (trespass of replevin, detinue, and chattels), etc.

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Tort law-Definition and Meaning

A tort can be referred to as any crime or wrongful act that brings pain, suffering, or harm to another person. Tort law refers to the branch of law in which the body maintaining the central law helps to settle the disputes between private individuals.

There are various types of torts like defense torts, international torts, property torts. Also, this field of law often regarded as limitless and infinite.

Below is the list of various torts in Australian law:

  • Trespassing
  • Negligence
  • Loss of consortium
  • Breach of statutory duties
  • Intentional damage

All the above concepts are very difficult and need a deep understanding that’s why students are unable to get a hold of these topics. Therefore, we are here to assist the students in preparing assignments that can help them to get the best quality services.

Types of Torts Law

There are various types of torts like Intentional torts, negligence torts, and strict liability torts.

  1. Intentional torts – Intentional torts refer to the wrong act done by a person intentionally which has caused damage to another party. In an intentional tort, a person committing a tort willingly violates legal duty that’s why he has to pay the person a certain amount that matching of damage.
  2. Negligence torts – Negligence torts are somewhat similar to that of Intentional torts but the main difference is that of an “Intent”. In Negligence torts, the tortfeasor does not intend to harm another person. Its all done by mistake.
  3. Strict liability torts – These torts are also called absolute liability torts, in strict liability torts a person has to pay for the damage or the injury caused to another person if he is found strictly liable. No matter he was at fault or negligent.

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