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What is Social Science?

Social Science is made from two words, Social refers to “society” and Science means “knowledge”. Social Science together means social knowledge. It is based on facts and as its a science at the same time, it is concerned with society also.

Branches of Social Science

Social science is considered of many subjects as mentioned below:

  • History:  It is divided into many parts like political, military, economic, etc. All these subjects in history with different situations like political history with political issues, military history takes care of the wars, economic history deals with the matters of economic changes.
  • Geography: It is the study of the earth. It helps us to know about the earth and the changes taking place in the earth in today’s time.
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  • Political Science: It has different parts like political theory,  public law, and administration, comparative politics etc. The first part deals with the political issues judiciary, freedom and much more. The second one deals with legal changes and the last one compare the government to each other.
  • Linguistics: It has to deal with the language. It is concerned with the formation of language, meaning etc.
  • Economics:  It is divided into two subparts. One is the Macroeconomics and the other is the Microeconomics. First one deals with the whole economy and changes taking place in this economy due to such factors like inflation, currency policy, international trade etc. The second one deals with the individual and household sectors of an economy and the changes taking place due to such reasons like demand and supply, monopoly etc.
  • Sociology: It is concerned with the study of society. It deals with the social behaviour of people in a particular society and social institution etc.

Why Students Need Social Science Essay Assignment Help?

Students who are facing problems in writing social science homework must have any of these problems: –

  • The important subjects combined in social science are interdisciplinary. They address each other crosswise over disciplinary restrictions. This may represent many issues concerning knowledge. Our social science assignment help clears out all composition imperfections.
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