Your Reason For Choosing Your Topic May Be Quite Personal: Scientific literacy, USA, Australia

University UniSA
Subject Scientific literacy

Section1: Reflection

1. What is your topic?

2. Why did you choose this topic?

3. Whatfeedbackdidyougetfromyourdiscussiongroup?Howdidyouincorporateit?

Your reason for choosing your topic may be quite personal; it does not need to be sophisticated. We all have different reasons for becoming scientists, and for our scientific interests. Be honest and genuine.

Reflectionrequiresbothdescribingandanalysingyourexperiences.Reflectivewritingasksyoutomakesenseoutofyourthoughts.As such, it needs to be logically structured and readable, using paragraphs to organize ideas. It is not formal academic writing, so you do not need to cite any of your references in your reflection.

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Section2: References

1. Createaproperly-

for matted list of academic references to the articles, following the Harvard referencing style.–video explaining how can be foundinvUWS– and see the example assessment.

2. Provide a screenshot/scan of the first page of each article in your submitted PDF document. These should be placed at the end of your document.


 For each of your three source articles, write a short justification: why do you consider this source to be reliable?

1. Whorunsthemagazine/website that you are citing?

2. What are the credentials soft the author of the article?

3. Does the article self-reference reliable sources?

4. Doesthesourceshowanobviouspolitical, commercial, or ideological bias?

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