You Will Need To Conduct An Evaluation Of The Scenario, Identify The Problem, Diagnosis, Proof Of Causes: Airways Operation And Design Case Study, GU, Australia

University Griffith University
Subject Airways Operation And Design


In this assignment, you will be required to conduct a case-based essay on Brisbane International Airport that involved CNS/ATM issues. In this case study, you will need to conduct an evaluation of the scenario, identify the problem, diagnosis, proof of causes, and action plan. Students must conduct the case-based essay from an air traffic management aspect.

Case Study Aid

To effectively undertake a case-based essay requires:

  • Understand the reading material
  • Appreciate the context (e.g., time, country, technology, etc.) within which the paper was written
  • Identify a particular argument/premise/position/stance in relation to the reading material  ( Answer two questions–What?Why?and  often   third  —  How?)
  • Makes a position statement (What?)
  • Uses evidence to persuade the reader (Why?)
  • An action plan (How?)

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How to write 

  1.  Write like Hemingway, not Faulkner (e.g Jill and Bill run-up to the hill; the old man sees a fish, and the fish is good)
  2.  Problem Definition
    • The problem definition should express the effect or outcomes identifiable in the situation that the main character should be most concerned about.
    • e.g., Atlanta airport faces an array of difficulties. The on-time performance is currently declining, and their reputation as the busiest airport and Delta’s hub has been slipping. Passengers have low satisfaction and don’t trust the airport operation.
  3. Diagnosis
    • The principal causes of the problem. To pinpoint causes, common sense and intuition are helpful, but they aren’t sufficient. Causal analysis can only be performed with frameworks appropriate to the situation.
    • e.g., Many of these issues can be traced to the underlying the declining of on-time performance. The outdated navigation system at the Atlanta airport is one of the contributing factors. The Navigational system reached its capacity back in 1999.
    • Proving Causal Links
  4. Distinguish causality and correlation
    • Showing the reader why the diagnosis is valid takes up most of the essay. After the diagnosis, you need to explain the evidence that connects the causes to the effects or outcomes that define the problem.
    • No cause is left out, and no causal proof is short on evidence
  5. Action Plan
  • the task of the action plan for a problem essay is to improve situations involving poor performance, sustain those involving high performance, or do both.

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