You Are Robert’s Support Worker And You Were Present During The Incident: Communicate Case Study, UON, Australia

University University of Newcastle
Subject Communicate

Activity 1E

Refer to Case Study A

Question 1

You are Robert’s support worker, and you were present during the incident detailed in Case Study A.

Answer the following questions from the incident form using the information provided.

Case Study: Robert suffers from diabetes, and if his blood sugars drop too low, he suffers from symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, and blurred vision. If these symptoms are ignored or missed, Robert is at risk of much more severe outcomes such as seizures or a stroke. Robert is usually very good at controlling his diabetes, but recently he has been taking a lot of medication for a different illness, and as a result, has lost his appetite. This means that he is not moderating his blood sugar levels and is experiencing dizziness and weakness regularly. At 08:15 on Saturday morning (14th October), Robert is still in bed as he feels unwell – dizzy and nauseous. When he tries to get himself out of bed, he loses his balance and falls to the ground. Robert isn’t injured from this fall, but it seems to be a result of his symptoms.

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Organizational procedures for reporting incidents:

  • Provide an initial verbal notification to your supervisor once the situation has been stabilized
  • Complete an incident form (located in the staff room) including all of the relevant information
  • Suggest measures to be put in place to avoid a recurrence of the incident in the future.

Activity 2B

Refer to Case Study F

Question 1

Imagine that your supervisor has asked you to complete the following form in order to identify and report manual handling hazards. Use the information in the Case Study to complete the task.

Case Study F Deidre is 73 years old. She has moderate mobility issues and needs assistance standing, and walking from one place to another. Deidre uses a mobility frame, so once she is standing, she is able to walk mainly unaided, however, she needs help to get to the standing position and to sit down again. As well as her mobility issues, Deidre’s sight is also deteriorating, and she often fails to see obstacles that are in her way when she is walking with her mobility frame. The common living area is quite cluttered. There are many low-level pieces of furniture such as footstools and book boxes which are kept on the floor.

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