You are Required to Develop, Implement and Monitor a Small Business Financial Plan: Finance Assignment, CU, Australia

University Curtin University
Subject Finance

Assignment Brief:

You are required to develop, implement, and monitor a small business financial plan for your newly formed building company.

Task 1: Prepare a Business Financial Plan

To complete this part of the assessment, you are required to complete the attached business financial plan template and complete the following:

  • Establish and implement the goals and objectives of your business company, detail the steps that must be taken to achieve these goals.

Note: Items b to g below should be between 200 to 400 words for each point. Ensure you answer each point in sufficient detail to present a professional business financial plan.

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Include the following within your business plan:

  1. The Business –
    • Business name
    • Business summary
    • Vision statement
    • Business structure
    • Business location/date established
    • Registrations
  2. Staff structure
  3. Operational strategies
  4. Financial requirements/ procedures
  5. Business capital requirements
  6. Legal requirements
  7. Marketing strategies

Task 2: Produce Financial Budgets and Projections

As part of your business financial plan, you are required to produce financial budgets/ projections and present it to relevant stakeholders. For this task complete the following: Cash Book/ Bank Reconciliation.

You are required to produce and complete your cash book and ensure reconciliation as per bank statement for one month of trading. Refer to the Student Financial Workbook (Excel spreadsheet) attached and complete the following:

2.1 Refer to the Cashbook (actual costs) transactions table at right and enter all the transactions within the cash book provided on the next page of this assessment.

Produce Financial Budgets and Projections

cash book

2.2 Refer to the Bank Statement below and complete the calculations for the Bank Reconciliation table on the next page of this assessment

Note: Ensure the Cash Book and the Bank Reconciliation balances.

typical bank statement

cash book balance

Task 3: Prepare a Cash Flow Estimate

You are required to produce a cash flow estimate from your completed cash book. The cash flow forecast required is a three-monthly projection and can be used as evidence to meet any requirements of financial backers.

3.1 Refer to the Cash Flow Forecast template on the next page and complete all entry projections for the month of December/ January and February.Ā  For the assistance of evidence, you are required to refer to notes provided within the Cash Flow Forecast.

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