You Are An Information Librarian In Your Chosen Library: Information Literacy Assignment, OU, Australia

Subject Information Literacy

You are an information librarian in your chosen library. Your manager has asked you to give a short presentation to some new staff about Information Literacy and how this concept is translated into practice in your library sector.

Your report is meant to promote some discussion amongst staff about IL and how a new program might be implemented by your library. Your report will explore definitions of information literacy that are relevant to your chosen library sector and will offer some practical suggestions about how IL concepts could be put into practice.

You will need to examine not only the published literature, but other professional sources such as practitioner literature, and public commentaries (e.g. blogs and wikis). These publications will often provide an alternative view of a topic or term that is different from the one presented in the academic literature. How various people understand and interpret the term Information Literacy differs across the library profession, and a thorough examination of a variety of sources can promote a deeper understanding.

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