You Are An External Consultant Hired To Conduct Research Into: Manage Human Resources Strategic Planning Report, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject Manage Human Resources Strategic Planning

You are an external consultant hired to conduct research into and propose an appropriate compliance management system for a large not-for-profit charity called Charity-Care. Charity-Care is based in Brisbane and is a public company that is limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act 2001. It is registered as a charity under the QueenslandCollections Act 1966. The organisation has grown quickly to its current size from its single-centre opening just two years ago. Charity-Care is registered for GST and has an ABN: 21 745 368 027.

Charity-Care has about 50 employees, who are assisted in various charity tasks by community volunteers. Charity-Care operates two major frontline community services:

Community-Care – Two 100-square-metre first-floor drop-in office centres operating in Spring Hill on Brisbane’s Northside and Wooloongabba on Brisbane’s Southside. Community-Care provides counselling services, short-term ‘rent loans’ and $20 supermarket gift food vouchers for people in need. Each centre has a manager, receptionist, office clerk and four counselling staff, and is fitted out with a reception/waiting room, two counselling offices and a staff general office area that includes a kitchenette. Private information is collected on people seeking counselling services and this information is recorded in a central database that can be accessed from all centre computers. Volunteer staff operate the call centre and conduct visits seeking donations from local businesses and households.

Computer-Care – A retail business on the CBD fringe that specialises in selling re-conditioned second-hand ex-government computers to needy families for children’s educational purposes. The small, 70-square-metre shop is supported by a 1,000-square-metre warehouse and repair centre in Fairfield, a Brisbane suburb. 50% of the computers are picked up from the shop and 50% are delivered from the warehouse. Computers for repair are dropped off and picked up from the warehouse. Repair costs are paid by the customers to the service centre staff. There is a manager of the Computer-Care initiative who manages both the shop with its 15 employees as well as the warehouse (eight employees) and service centre (four employees).

The head office for Charity-Care is based in Fortitude Valley. This is where the CEO and the business manager have offices. There is a boardroom, reception/waiting area and an open office area where the accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll clerk and bookkeeper each have a workstation.

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