Why are the visual and media arts important in early childhood curriculum: Visual and Media Arts Essay, OUA, Australia

Why are the visual and media arts important in the early childhood curriculum?

Dinham and Chalk (2013) argue: When children draw, they are profoundly engaged in higher-order thinking as they translate their three-dimensional world into lines and shapes on a two- dimensional surface, use symbols like love hearts for feelings, and sweeping lines to chart the flight of a bee. In this, they are exercising their cognitive powers through the symbolic and abstract representation of ideas. This is the same thing they will do when writing (p. 43).

For this assessment:

  • Discuss the visual arts and critical and creative thinking.
  • Discuss the cultural value of a visual arts curriculum for young children.
  • Critique contemporary views on the role of the educator, for example:

o Process vs. Product (Lindsay, 2016).

o What is inspiring and effective art education (Boyd &Cutcher, 2015)?

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