What Is The First Thing You Should Do When An Incident Has Been Stabilized: Communication Assignment, UWA, Australia

University University of Western Australia
Subject Communication

Activity 1A

Case Study A Robert suffers from diabetes, and if his blood sugars drop too low, he suffers from symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, and blurred vision. If these symptoms are ignored or missed, Robert is at risk of much more severe outcomes such as seizures or a stroke.

Robert is usually very good at controlling his diabetes, but recently he has been taking a lot of medication for a different illness, and as a result, has lost his appetite. This means that he is not moderating his blood sugar levels and is experiencing dizziness and weakness regularly. At 08:15 on Saturday morning (14th October), Robert is still in bed as he feels unwell – dizzy and nauseous. When he tries to get himself out of bed, he loses his balance and falls to the ground. Robert isn’t injured from this fall, but it seems to be a result of his symptoms.

Organizational procedures for reporting incidents:

1. Provide an initial verbal notification to your supervisor once the situation has been stabilized

2. Complete an incident form (located in the staff room) including all of the relevant information

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Description of incident (Please include names of individuals involved, nature of the incident, and a narrative of what occurred):

Question 1

What is the first thing you should do when an incident has been stabilized?

Question 2

Where are the incident forms located?

Question 3

Why should you suggest measures to be put in place?

Activity 1B

Sam works in a care home for the elderly. He carries out all general duties with the clients, including helping them to eat meals and carry out personal hygiene as well as general activities throughout the day. During his working day, Sam sees that a flap of the carpet has become loose in one of his client’s room Organizational procedures to follow in the event of a hazard:

1. Control the hazard

2. Inform the relevant personnel Completes a ‘hazard form’ kept in the staff room.

Question 1

What is the hazard Sam has identified and how does this pose a risk?

Question 2

Referring to the organizational procedures provided, identify how you would respond to the scenario presented in Case Study B.

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