To Develop And Demonstrate Skills Related To Reviewing Literature Using A Systematic Approach: Evidence Based Practice, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject Evidence Based Practice

Assessment Task 1 – Literature Review

In this assessment task students are required to conduct a review of the current literature using a systematic approach. There will be several key sections to this assessment task, including the creation of a flow chart that represents how the literature search was conducted including the inclusion/exclusion criteria, the final selected papers (10-12) represented in a table format highlighting the following aspects; author/year/country, methodology, participants, key findings, and a detailed description of the key findings of the selected papers.

Purpose: To develop and demonstrate skills related to reviewing literature using a systematic approach.

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Description: Students will be required to choose a research topic of interest and conduct a review of the literature. Students are required to complete a written piece of work with the following headings:

  1. Introduction or Background: 1-2 paragraphs that introduce the reader to the topic of interest. Older references may be used here to give context to the topic.
  2. Aim or Purpose: 1-2 sentences that succinctly give the aim or purpose of the literature review.
  3. Method: 2-3 paragraphs that include a summary of the Search Strategy, quality appraisal tool used, and a Flow chart of the literature search.
  4. Results: Summary Table of Selected literature (10-12 articles), Quality appraisal scores, and 1-2 paragraphs summarising the Key findings. This may include the demographics/qualities of the selected articles.
  5. Discussion: 3-4 paragraphs discussing the findings of the articles and any commonalities or themes identified between them. This could also include any limitations of the review and/or any recommendations for future work in the area.
  6. Conclusion: 1 short paragraph that summarises the findings of the review.
  7. Reference list: Following correct formatting and citations throughout the review.

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