To Describe One of Australia’s National Health Priorities: Nursing Essay, QUT, Australia

University QUT
Subject Nursing


To describe one of Australia’s National Health Priorities and demonstrate an understanding of the relevant social determinant influences within the Australian healthcare context.

Choose one:

  1. Cardiovascular,
  2. Cancer,
  3. Injuries,
  4. Mental Health (Peri-Natal)

Please ensure that you include an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health perspective in your essay- that relates to your chosen topic.

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Task 1

1. Select one of the four (4) Health Priorities above. See the following link. ‘Leading causes of the total burden’ in Australia’s Health 2018 report (Figure 3.1.1 or 3.1.2)
2. Discuss how the issue is experienced in Australian society.
3. Describe two(2) social determinants of health relevant to the health issue.
4. Write a logical essay in an academic writing style.
5. Cite at least 4 references using Harvard style. The references must be appropriate sources and include a textbook, a website, and journal articles.

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