The purpose of this event is to determine the needs of people with mental health issues and to work with these people: Mental Health Assignment, CSU, Australia

University Charles Shurt University (CSU)
Subject Mental Health

Assessment Event 1 of 2 Short answer questions

Purpose: The purpose of this event is to determine the needs of people with mental health issues and to work with these people to meet their aspirations and needs.

1. Discuss the historical experiences of people living with mental health issues and how practices have changed in the last 20 years.

2. Provide a brief explanation of the six Principles of recovery-oriented mental health practice

3. Outline three common myths regarding mental illness. For each of these provides an explanation of one fact that counteracts the myth.

4. Explain the concepts of duty of care and dignity of risk, and how you meet these ethical considerations when supporting a client’s decision-making, in conjunction with their care network.

5. List and describe two types of mental illness (you must provide in-text referencing).

6. Name two of your core values, and explain how these might be challenged when working as a mental health support worker.

7. Describe two ways that you could adapt service delivery within organization policies and procedures to meet the specific needs of a person who presents as distressed in crisis.

8. Describe two criteria under which someone may be scheduled as an involuntary patient under the NSW Mental Health Act (include a link to the Act).

9. If one of your clients was scheduled under the Mental Health Act, explain how you would document (case notes) interactions in line with organization policy and procedures.

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