The Equation Below Represents A Monotonic Acid Ionizing With Water To Form Ions: Chemistry Assignment, FU, Australia

University Federation University
Subject Chemistry

Question 1

The equation below represents a monoprotic acid ionizing with water to form ions in an aqueous solution.

HA (aq) + H2O ⇌ H3O+ (aq) + A (aq)

a) Sketch diagrams to show the clear differences between a strong, concentrated acid and a 2 weak, dilute acid.

Strong, concentrated acidWeak, dilute acid

b) Acid X is monoprotic and has a Ka value of 64 × 10−5.

1. Classify the strength of Acid X, giving a reason for your

2. Determine the pH of a 43 × 10−3 mol L-1 solution of Acid X.

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Question 2

When ethanoic acid and butanol are mixed together under certain conditions, esterification occurs.

a) Describe the conditions necessary for this reaction and draw diagrams to show the structural formulae and names of the products.

b) Explain how the yield and purity of the products could be increased.

Question 3

a) A student studies precipitation reactions involving different concentrations of sodium carbonate, Na2CO3, and silver nitrate, AgNO3, solutions.

b) The student wonders if precipitation will occur when 100.0 mL of 0.001 mol L-1 Na2CO3 is mixed with 100.0 mL of 0.001 mol L-1 AgNO3 at 25°C.

c) Write an ionic equation for the chemical reaction and use calculations to determine whether a precipitate will occur when the two solutions are mixed.

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Question 4

The levels of copper metal in marine ecosystems must be carefully monitored, and AAS is one spectroscopic technique that can be used to determine the concentration of copper, even at very low levels.

a) An analytical chemist was given the task of measuring copper levels in some marine

They first produced a primary standard of copper(II) nitrate solution with a concentration of 100 ppm and then diluted it using volumetric apparatus to make four 200.0 mL standard solutions.

The table below shows volumes used to carry out the dilutions.

Standard SolutionThe volume of 100 ppm primary

solution (mL)


1. Calculate the concentration (in ppm) for each standard

2. The absorbance for each standard solution was measured using AAS to produce the

b) Explain why it is important to monitor the environment and the importance of having water

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