SWK316: What this image or content reveals about dominant discourses to violence in contemporary Australian Society: Building Safe Communities Essay, CDU, Australia

University Charles Darwin University (CDU)
Subject SWK316: Building Safe Communities


Select  ONE of the Five Visual/Media images provided on Learning to base your essay. Drawing from theories, readings, and concepts presented in this unit discuss:

1) What this image/content reveals about dominant discourses to violence in contemporary Australian Society?

2) How might dominant discourses impact particular groups/communities with regard to help-seeking behavior?

3) How might dominant discourses impact on the views and beliefs of the social worker/service provider?

4) How might critical social work respond to the key issues you have raised in your analysis/discussion? Remember, your essay must be informed by relevant literature and theories from the unit (not merely opinion). A list of suggested readings is also provided in the reading list to further help guide your content and ideas.


Demonstrated awareness of the role of the dominant discourse in shaping attitudes, values, and beliefs within contemporary social work practice

Demonstrated understanding of the way in which dominant discourse influences attitudes toward violence and impacts help-seeking behavior (10 Marks) Integration of key unit concepts and principles to inform practice with marginalized and/or diverse persons

Evidence of appropriate use of a range of literature and accuracy of APA referencing style (min 8 references)

Presentation, including respectful, non-discriminatory language, clarity of written communication, and organization of the material (5 marks) Units loaded successfully

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