Solaris IT and Management Solutions Develops and Markets in-house Software Systems: MBA Assignment, CU, UK

Assignment Details:

Solaris IT & Management Solutions

Solaris IT and Management Solutions develops and markets in-house software systems and provides general management consultancy and training to banking and financial institutions.  The company was founded in the UK 25 years ago as a family business.  Solaris has approximately 500 employees with the company headquarters situated in Reading and subsidiaries throughout Europe as well as the US, Australia, Hong Kong, and Beijing.

Solaris is a market leader in its field of operations and places emphasis on delivering excellent service to client organizations and establishing long-term relationships with its customers.  The senior management team and key R&D activities reside within the headquarters, where approximately 150 employees work on the development of new products.  However, a certain amount of autonomy, particularly with regard to HR matters,  remains at a subsidiary level due to the fact that the labor market characteristics for IT staff are highly contexting dependent.

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Assignment Instruction:

As a member of the HR team at Solaris IT and Management Solutions, you should devise a detailed learning and development strategy for EACH of the three management roles outlined below:

1. Arecent IT/MBA graduate appointed as a team manager for an R&D project team working at HQ.
2. A current employee promoted to the team manager of a team working on a large contract developing a software system for an international insurance firm.
3. An operations manager making a lateral move from marketing manager at the company HQ to operations manager responsible for their subsidiary office based in Barcelona.

Further Information:

You should include at least ONE learning and development activity for EACH of the three roles.

The following details should be included for EACH of your chosen learning and development activities:

  1. Title of activity
  2. Brief description
  3. Primary objective
  4. Location/duration
  5. Content/learning outcomes
  6. Methods/process
  7. Outcomes and evaluation
  8. Rationale/critique

Assessment Learning Outcomes (mapped to module descriptor):

  • Compare and contrast key concepts of learning, development, education, and training with regard to leadership and management performance;
  • Analyze the nature, effectiveness, and context of learning and management development activities and policy;

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