SITXWHS003 : You work for The Hospitality Co-Op Your Manager David has a Backlog of Work due for the End of the Financial Year: Implement and Monitor work Health and Safety Practices Assignment, TAFE NSW, Australia

University TAFE NSW
Subject SITXWHS003: Implement and Monitor Work Health and Safety Practices

Part 1: Scenario

To complete this part of the assessment, you are required to read through the scenario and then complete all tasks as outlined in the instructions.


You work for The Hospitality Co-Op. Your manager David has a backlog of work due for the end of the financial year and has asked if you can support with the excess workload.

David has been updating a suite of workplace health and safety resources, which need to be made available to all staff. He has also advised you of some work health and safety incidents involving specific staff and has asked you to address these incidents, following the Hospitality Co-Op’s organizational WHS procedures.

In his absence, David has sent you an email explaining what tasks he needs you to complete.

Three (3) WHS issues have also come across my desk and they all need to be addressed as soon as possible.

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Case 1:

Andrea Davies Sous Chef at The Entrée Restaurant has complained of soreness and muscular pain in her lower back. Her job requires her to lift heavy boxes, containers, and trays and I have noticed that she doesn’t always bend her knees correctly. There is no training record for Andrea on the Hospitality Co-Ops Hazardous Manual Tasks Code of Practice.

Case 2:

Jenny Young has advised that Sue Jameson and Renee Hanlan have not received all of the mandatory WHS training they need as part of their induction.

Sue and Renee have only been trained on the Emergency Action Plan, so they will need to complete the remaining training elements to be WHS competent within the next two weeks.

Case 3:

Ruth Briscoe was involved in a near-miss in the bar yesterday. The details are outlined in the attached incident report. I have conducted an informal review of the risk, but need you to complete Part B of her incident report, which is the formal risk assessment. I believe the consequences of this incident could have been moderate and it is likely it could happen again. I would consider it a high risk if controls are not implemented as soon as possible to avoid or reduce the risk. Jenny Young is responsible for the implementation of risk controls in this area.

Could you please complete the following tasks:

1.1 Send an email to all staff explaining that the WHS resources have been updated to comply with WHS legislation and employer responsibilities to provide a safe workplace
1.2 Prepare a WHS action plan responding to the three (3) WHS issues above
1.3 Consult with each of the four (4) staff members involved in the WHS issues via email to resolve their specific matters
1.4 Meet with Andrea Davies to go over safe manual handling in the workplace, this will include explaining the manual handling poster and assisting Andrea to complete a manual handling discomfort survey. Once the survey is completed you will need to go through a step-by-step lifting exercise with Andrea to make sure she can safely adhere to organizational procedures.
1.5 While you’re over at the Entrée Restaurant it would be a good idea to ask Head Chef Cassandra Ginn to complete a hazardous manual handling identification worksheet with the staff. I will look at following up with a manual handling risk assessment next week when I am back on board
1.6 Complete a training needs analysis form for Sue Jameson and Renee Hanlan
1.7 Complete a hazard inspection checklist based on Ruth Briscoe’s bar incident, and
1.8 Complete Part B – Risk Assessment of Ruth Briscoe’s incident report and refer the risk assessment in an email to the bar supervisor Jenny Young.

Task Instructions

To complete this part of the assessment you are required to submit a portfolio of evidence that demonstrates your skills in implementing and monitoring work health and safety practices designed to ensure a safe workplace.
Your portfolio of evidence should include the following tasks, each task has specific marking criteria and all criteria must be met for successful completion.

Table 2 Part 1: Scenario Tasks

Task Marking Criteria

1.1 Submit an email to all staff notifying them of the updated WHS policies & procedures. Part 1. 1 Changing whs to all staff email
1.2 Submit a completed WHS Action Plan. Part 1. 2 complete
1.3 Submit four (4) emails to relevant staff members with WHS issues requiring prompt action. Part 1. 3
1.4 Submit a role play video based on your consultation with staff member Andrea Davies. Part 1. 4talk through
1.5 Submit a training needs analysis form relevant to Sue Jameson and Renee Hanlan identifying their training gaps. Part 1. 5 complete
1.6 Submit a Hazard Inspection Checklist based on Ruth Briscoe’s near-miss in the bar. Part 1. 6 complete
1.7 Submit a risk assessment based on Ruth Briscoe’s incident report. Part 1. 7
1.8 Submit an email to the manager responsible for Ruth Briscoe, identifying the control methods to be implemented from your recent risk assessment. Part 1. 8

Part 2: Report

To complete this part of the assessment, the student is required to evaluate the documentation provided and then complete the task as outlined in the instructions.

Task Instructions

You receive the following documentation from The Hospitality Co-Op staff members:

• A completed hazardous manual task identification worksheet from the Entrée restaurant team

• A completed training evaluation form from Renee Hanlan, and;

• A risk register entry from Jenny Young following up on risk control methods requested in your email from the incident in the bar.

Evaluate this documentation and complete the following task:

Part 2: Report Tasks

Task Marking Criteria

2.1 Submit a report to David Woodrow based on the information provided in the above documentation. Part 2. 1

Part 3: Assessment Checklist

The AssessmentChecklist will be used by you to record the students’ results. This Checklist outlines the Performance Criteria, Performance Evidence and Assessment Conditions you will be marking the student on. All the criteria must be met.

Assessment Checklist

Task # Task/Activity Performed S U/S Assessor Comments

(Describe the student’s ability in demonstrating the required skills and knowledge)

Part 1. 1. Email to all staff

Use the attached: Email Template

  • Review all five (5) updated WHS procedures attached to David Woodrow’s email.
  • Provide brief explanatory context on:
  • What each document is for;
  • Why it is important to review, and;
  • Links to the resources on The Hospitality Co-Op intranet page.
  • Indicate a secondary way to access the documents.
  • Notify staff that they are to submit initial feedback on the updated documents to Joanne Downes.
  • Identify where staff can provide their feedback after the consultation period has closed.

Part 1.2 WHS action plan

Use the attached: WHS Action Plan Template

• List the WHS issues that David Woodrow has advised in his attached email.

• Describe the actions required and the staff and stakeholders that will be involved.

• Give a time frame for each issue in the action plan to be completed and identify what resources will be required. Use reasonable judgment to specify time frames and required resources to complete each action.

• Describe how compliance with organizational WHS procedures will be monitored. Use your judgment and contextual understanding expected of a manager regarding methods to monitor compliance.

Part 1.3 Four (4) emails consulting identified staff on their personal WHS issues. Use the attached: Email Template Seek meetings with each staff member to address and resolve their specific WHS issues.
All emails should include a location, date and time. Use reasonable judgment to specify locations, dates and timeframes.

1. Notify Andrea Davies of her need to conduct her Hazardous Manual Tasks Code of Practice Training. Include the following elements:

• The training you will be going over, and;

• Advising her that her manager will be undertaking a team hazardous manual task identification worksheet, and;

• David Woodrow’s plans for his return.

2. Notify Sue Jameson of her need to complete induction training, make sure to list which training this includes.

3. Notify Renee Hanlan of her need to complete induction training, make sure to list which training this includes.

4. Notify Ruth Briscoe that you have received her hazard and incident report form.

Include the following elements:

• What you will need to complete, and;

• Advising her that her manager will be undertaking a team hazardous manual task identification worksheet.

Part 1.4 Role Play video

Your Assessor will advise you if you are required to work together in groups of three (3) in class or alternately you can complete this task in your own time. Upload your video according to your assessor’s instructions to a suitable location for review and marking.

Use the attached:

• Manual Handling Poster
• Manual Handling Discomfort Survey

Your video must:

1. Show you explaining the manual handling poster to Andrea Davies.

2. Demonstrate your counseling Andrea on the risks of unsafe manual handling practice.

3. Show you asking Andrea for feedback on any health and safety risks in her workplace. This will include assisting Andrea to complete a manual handling discomfort survey.

4. Show you identifying any hazardous manual tasks associated with Andrea’s job role.

5. Show you checking that Andrea knows how to comply with the instructions in the manual handling poster, including:

  • Planning
  • Positioning
  • Picking up
  • Proceeding with, and
  • Putting down heavy items.

Part 1.5 Training Needs Analysis

Use the attached: Training needs analysis template

  • Identify the induction training needs of relevant staff members.
  • Include a timeframe to fulfill and follow up on their training needs.

Part 1.6 Hazard Inspection Checklist

Use the attached: Hazard Inspection Checklist

  • Identify hazards in the bar, based on Ruth’s incident report form.
  • Explain the reason that the hazard inspection checklist is being carried out.

Part 1.7 Risk assessment form

Complete Part B: of Ruth’s Hazard and incident report form.

  • Identify and describe the hazard and its associated risk.
  • Analyze and evaluate the likelihood and consequence rating of the risk.
  • Specify appropriate risk treatment and control methods.
    • Identify and describe the location of the hazard or activity and who is at risk.

Part 1.8 Email to co- worker

Use the attached: Email Template
• Explain why a risk assessment has been completed and attach the completed risk assessment form;
• Why the risk assessment is being referred;
• Who is responsible for implementing the recommended risk controls, and;
• What action is required by this person?

Part 2.1 Report – monitor WHS practices

Use the attached: Status Report Template
• Describe how Andrea Davies is complying with safe work practices, using the information in the entrée restaurant team’s hazardous manual task identification worksheet.
• Identify any required adjustments.
• Describe the effectiveness of the induction training provided to Renee Hanlan using Renee’s Training Evaluation Form.
• Indicate if any adjustments are required.
• Describe the effectiveness of the actions taken to reduce risks in the bar based on the risk register entry provided by Jenny young.
• Indicate any adjustments that may be required.

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