SITXMGT001: Explain The Purpose Of A Work Schedule And Why It Is Important: Monitor Work Operations Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject SITXMGT001: Monitor Work Operations

Task 1:

Your answers to each question.

Question 1

a) Explain the purpose of a work schedule, and why it is important.

b) Explain the difference between a work schedule and a jobs checklist

Question 2

Describe what happens during the following three procedures undertaken at the end of a service period:

a) Station and equipment cleaning

b) Post service debrief

c) Storing and disposing of food

Question 3

What organizational documentation shows how to present dishes for service?

Question 4

Explain the purpose of a mise-en-place list and how it helps staff to manage their workload and meet organizational procedures.

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Question 5

Belle is the head chef at a small bistro. Part of her role is to monitor the progress of junior staff and apprentices, along with reporting on staff performance in general. Explain what kinds of records she will need to keep regarding their progress.

Question 6

a) Explain the concept of quality assurance.

b) What procedures and policies used in a commercial kitchen contribute to quality assurance?

Question 7

a) Describe how you can identify quality issues when issuing food?

b) Discuss how you would manage the following issues to ensure they have a minimum impact on operations and service levels?

Question 8

While at a recent trade fair you see demonstrations of a new technology/equipment that really excites you and you think that your workplace would benefit from it. You can think of plenty of ways it would cut down on cooking times and how you could create innovative new dishes with it. Explain how you would tell your colleagues about it and get their agreement to trial the new technology/equipment.

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Question 9

You have been asked to contribute ideas for new menu items to an upcoming planning meeting with other chefs and management at the upscale restaurant where you work. Explain how you will prepare for the meeting so that you can provide good, evidence-based information and suggestions that will support the ongoing success and improvement of the restaurant.

Question 10

Explain how managers/supervisors/team leaders can ensure their day-to-day work activities assist the business in achieving its organizational goals. Ans:

Question 11

List three ways supervisors can learn about current and emerging trends which might present opportunities for their business/department/team? Ans:

Question 12

a) There are three important reasons why restaurants should make every effort to minimize food waste. List and explain why they are so important.

b) Discuss one way you can reduce how much food is wasted in the day-to-day operations of a commercial kitchen.

Question 13

Explain the key elements of successful delegation.

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