SITXINVO001: Check Incoming Stock Against Orders And Delivery Documentation: Receive And Store Stock Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject SITXINVO001: Receive And Store Stock

Elements and Performance Criteria

1. Take delivery of stock 1.1 Check incoming stock against orders and delivery documentation
1.2 Identify, record, and report discrepancies
1.3 Inspect items for damage, quality, and use-by dates and record
findings according to organizational procedures
1.4 Record details of incoming stock according to organizational
2. Store stock 2.1 Promptly transport stock to, and store in appropriate storage
2.2 Use safe manual handling techniques to avoid injury when
moving and storing stock
2.3 Label stock according to organizational procedures
2.4 Report on excess stock according to organizational procedures
3. Rotate and maintain stock 3.1 Rotate stock for maximum use and minimum wastage
3.2 Regularly check the quality of stock and report findings
3.3 Safely dispose of all excess or spoilt stock and waste, especially
hazardous substances, to minimize negative environmental impacts
3.4 Maintain cleanliness of stock handling and storage areas, and
identify and report problems
3.5 Use stock control systems and equipment according to
organizational speed and accuracy requirements

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Performance and knowledge evidence

This describes the essential knowledge and skills and their level required for this unit.

Performance Evidence

Evidence of the ability to complete tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit in the context of the job role, and:

1. Receive, store and maintain six different stock deliveries

2. Correctly interpret stock orders and delivery documentation for items received in the above deliveries

3. Complete stock documentation relating to each of the above stock deliveries

4.  Integrate into the above work activities:

a) Security procedures

b) Manual handling techniques

c) Commercial time constraints.

Knowledge Evidence

Demonstrated knowledge required to complete the tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit:

1. Principles of stock control:

a) Rotation and replenishment

b) Product life cycle and maximizing the use of all stock

c) Checking for slow-moving items

d) Segregation of non-food items from food items that have the potential to cross-contaminate

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2.  Stock control systems:

a) Bin card system

b) Imprest system

c) Integrated point-of-sale system

d) Ledger system

3. Stock control procedures and template documents and reports for:

a) Ordering

b) Levels

c) Loss

d) Performance

e) Monitoring of quality

f) Receipt

g) Reorder cycles

h) Rotation

i) Security

j) Stocktakes

k) Valuation

l) Wastage

4. Storage requirements for different kinds of stock

5. Use of stock control equipment and software where appropriate

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6. Specific industry sector, types of:

a) Computerised stock control systems; their functions and features

b) Electronic equipment used for stock control; their functions and features

c) Stock recording documentation

d) Stock security systems

e) Storage and their suitability for different kinds of stock

7. Specific organization:

a) Relevant stock

b) Product life and storage requirements for specific goods

c) Procedures for security, recording incoming stock, reporting on discrepancies, deficiencies, and excess stock

d) Order and delivery documentation

e) Safe manual handling techniques for the receipt, transportation, and storage of stock

8. Safe and correct use of equipment

9. Correct and environmentally sound disposal methods for all types of waste and in particular for hazardous substances.

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