SITXINV004: Your Assessor Must Complete The Observation Tool Below Whilst Observing You Perform The Required Task: Control Stock Assignment, MU, Australia

University Melbourne University
Subject SITXINV004: Control Stock

Section 1 – The observation

1. Your assessor must complete the observation tool below whilst observing you perform the required task

2. Your assessor will use the observation tool during the demonstration and record accurately what they have observed you do in accordance with the observation checklist and detail the observable behaviors. All parts of this assessment must be completed

3. The assessment tool describes the assessment tasks and criteria for assessment and is used to record your observations and outcomes of the simulated job assessment tasks.

Why is it used?

1. Competency-based assessment is not a test, rather it is a process of collecting evidence about someone’s knowledge and skills and assessing that against a set of agreed standards. The greater the sources and types of evidence we collect, the more we can be sure about the quality and reliability of the assessment decision.

2. The information you provide is used to support, or validate other evidence obtained. It helps to ensure that the final result is valid, reliable, and fair.
The assessment day

1. Your assessor will brief you on the task for approx. 30 minutes prior to commencement of this assessment

2. Your assessor will observe you performing the required tasks as noted in the instructions. Assessment must take place in a safe environment.

At the end of the assessment, your assessor will take 30 minutes to provide you with feedback regarding the observation. You should use this opportunity to ask as many questions and discuss any opportunities for improvement.

Your assessor will explain the following to you before the commencement of the observation assessment

1. You will be required to demonstrate all observations as specified in the task instructions below. Demonstrations will consist of a number of tasks a worker would perform in their role on a daily basis

2. This assessment may consist of a number of tasks based on the job environment

3. Ensure all tasks performed are in line with the organization (simulated workplace) relevant policies and procedures

4. You will be observed demonstrating the necessary skills. In accordance with the observation checklist (appendix 10)

5. You can ask questions to clarify the requirements of the task/s if required. However, your assessor is no ability to show you how to perform the task

6. You must receive a satisfactory result for each part of this assessment to be successful in this task

7. This assessment will be finalized once all records are collated and revised. A debrief will be provided at the closing meeting

8. Feedback will be provided after the observation

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