SITXHRM003: Describe The Importance Of Each Of The Following Tasks Completed: Lead And Manage People Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject SITXHRM003: Lead And Manage People


1. Describe the importance of each of the following tasks completed by supervisors and managers. Provide a specific example for each.

a) Decision making

b) Delegating tasks

c) Monitoring staff

d) Planning and organizing

2. For each of the following information, explain why it is important for supervisors and managers to provide this to staff.

a) organization performance

b) changes in organizational policies

c) marketing information and targets

d) overall organizational objectives

e) plans for new equipment

f) rationale for management decisions

g) technology updates

h) training developments

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3. Explain the importance of the following in relation to being part of a work team.

a) adhering to policies and procedures

b) cooperative and open communication

c) understanding the nature and scope of work

d) forming relationships with others in the workplace and understanding interdependent areas of activity

e) understanding reporting requirements

4. Explain how each of the following can assist in developing individuals at work.

a) change in job responsibilities

b) external training and professional development

c) formal promotion

d) internal training and professional development

e) opportunity for greater autonomy or responsibility

5. Describe the key features of the following leadership styles:

a) Laissez-Faire

b) Autocratic

c) Democratic

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6. Describe three ways that open and supportive communication can be established in a workplace.

7. Describe three characteristics of an effective leader.

8. Outline three principles of teamwork.

9. Outline three characteristics of effective teams.

10. Outline three benefits of effective teamwork.

11. Explain three roles that a team member may assume within a team.

12. Explain three attributes needed of team members

13. Explain two different ways that a team can be organized.

14. Outline three problems that can occur within a team.

15. Explain how motivation assists in the management of individuals and teams at work.

16. Identify two theories of motivation and how this applies to managing individuals and teams.

17. Explain how group dynamics can impact successful team management.

18. Describe how each of the following recognition and rewards can assist with effective leadership of staff.

a) acknowledging individual good performance to the whole team

b) incentive initiatives

c) informal acknowledgment

d) presenting awards

e) written reports to management

19. Outline two types of organizational plans and the steps needed to plan each.

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