SITHPAT006: Write Down The Attributes That May Indicate A Decline In Quality: Produce Desserts Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject SITHPAT006: Produce Desserts

Activity A

1. Write down the attributes that may indicate a decline in quality for the following ingredients:

➢ Butter

➢ Eggs

➢ Milk/cream

➢ Flour

➢ Chocolate

➢ Cocoa powder

➢ Dried fruit

➢ Yeast.

2. Explain the difference between use-by dates, best-before dates, and rotation labels.

3. What steps would you take with regards to stock rotation to minimize wastage?

Activity B

1. Outline the process for the safe washing of knives.

2. What precautions should you take when removing items from machinery?

3. What steps can be taken to prevent electrocution and electrical fires?

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Activity C

Create an equipment list for each of the following categories:

➢ Basic equipment – those items that are used for the creation of nearly every dish

➢ Additional equipment – those pieces that aren’t used as often or maybe for specific decoration techniques

➢ Disposables – equipment that may be required to create a dessert but cannot be reused.

Activity D

1. List the types of measuring and weighing equipment that may be used in a commercial kitchen.

2. Within your workplace identify the weighing scales and ensure you know how to use and read them correctly.

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