SITHKOP005: This Log Shall Be Used To Document The Coordination Of Cooking Operations: Coordinate Cooking Operations Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject SITHKOP005: Coordinate Cooking Operations


1. This log shall be used to document the coordination of cooking operations during full-service periods.

2. The 12 service instances must include at least 2 of the following food production processes:

a) bulk cooking

b) cook-chill for extended life

c) cook-chill for five-day shelf life

d) cook freeze

e) fresh cook.

3. Each instance is to be recorded in the logbook attached, clearly numbered, and dated on at least 12 occasions.

4. Each service detail and task outlined in each of the logbook instances must be completed.

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5. To calculate food requirements for recipes, use the template “Standard Recipe Card”.

6. To record workflow planning and communication use the template “Workflow”.

7. Recipe and workflow templates may be copied as required to suit your needs.

8. For each service period you must provide:

a) workflow plan

b) mise en place list

c) preparation list

9. For 4 of the 12 instances you must provide in addition to the above documentation:

10. Calculation of food requirements and Food orders which must cover 4 of the following service styles:

a) à la carte

b) buffet

c) set menu

d) table d’hôte

e) bulk cooking operations

f) functions and events

g) festivals

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11. When transferring to another workplace or on completion of the total number of required service instances, the declaration(s) at the end of the logbook needs to be completed by the workplace supervisor and the student.

12. Students can arrange their own work placement provider, so long as the provider has all equipment and facilities to instruct, as specified in the logbook under assessment conditions.

13. Students are required to submit – A copy of the menu, roster, and photos as evidence of their work placement along with the completed logbook.

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