SIT40516: Description Of Evidence Required Briefly Explain What You Do: Certificate IV In Commercial Cookery Assignment, HI, Australia

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Subject SIT40516: Certificate IV In Commercial Cookery

Description of Evidence Required Briefly explain what you do, for each of the points specified? Provide any hard copy documentary evidence BSBDIV501 Manage diversity in the workplace Evidence of the ability to: 

Demonstrate the application of diversity policy in a work context Critically review a diversity policy Implement strategies to ensure that diversity is understood and respected in the work team Demonstrate compliance with procedures for handling complaints or harassment allegations Promote the benefits of diversity to others.

In my current workplace, I can clearly observe the diversity as employees are from different countries with different ethical, cultural backgrounds. So, it is important to have a comprehensive training policy in the building and managing an ethically diverse team. For example, awareness, communication, interpersonal and cultural management should be resolved in a positive way. Also, keeping the rules for zero tolerance for any ethnic, racial or discrimination can also lead to no complaints within the workplace. With equal opportunities environment, we can boost talents, better performance, increased profits, innovation, and also positive perspective rises.

You must provide evidence. Please refer to page 3 ‘Types of Evidence’ section for more information. Description of Evidence Required Briefly explain what you do, for each of the points specified? Provide any hard copy documentary evidence BSBSUS401 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices Evidence of the ability to: 

Analyze information from a range of sources to identify current procedures, practices, and compliance requirements in relation to environmental and resource sustainability Consult and communicate with relevant stakeholders to seek input and encourage engagement with developing and implementing sustainability improvements, encourage feedback and suggestions and report on outcomes

Plan and organize workgroup activities to Measure current resource usage Solve problems and generate ideas for improvements Evaluate and implement strategies to improve resource usage Plan, implement and integrate improvements into operations Meet environmental requirements Apply continuous improvement approach to sustainability performance Apply change management techniques to support sustainability performance. 

Time Constraints: use time frame on the basis of six-month Teamwork: customer, staff, stakeholders, suppliers Communication between customer, staff, stakeholders, suppliers Problem solving: use environment-friendly electricity equipment’s and dishwashing machine voltage stabilizer need to replace Self–Management: Follow the environmental policy to reduce the carbon emission Initiative and Enterprise: A plan is a detailed for the use of dishwashing machine and outlined of the work that must be completed for a business to achieve its objectives. General: We should report it to the appropriate personnel. This can be difficult when you have identified a breach or potential breach performed by another employee. Most people do not like to feel like they are creating trouble for their peers or colleagues. However, you must remember that breaches can put you, other employees, or the environment at risk.

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