SEJ751: There are different ways to characterize the environmental impact of a product. The MET Matrix is such a tool used in industry: Materials Performance and Durability Assignment, DU, Australia

University Deakin University
Subject SEJ751: Materials Performance and Durability

There are different ways to characterize the environmental impact of a product. The MET Matrix is such a tool used in industry to analyze and evaluate a product or a structure on its environmental impacts, in terms of pollution, taking up resources, and energy use, over its lifetime. It is a qualitative tool used to describe a product’s environmental profile.

  • Select an off-shore wind turbine from the literature to perform an analysis of its materials usage on environmental impact. You can select any type of wind turbine for offshore wind farm applications in Australia and around the world for this analysis. The figure below is a sample wind turbine. You must include a description of all major parts of the wind turbine of your selection.
  • You will need to construct a MET matrix using the template provided to you. You will also need to find and use relevant materials property data and charts from the literature or from a materials property database.
  • Provide your thoughts on a greener solution to off-shore wind turbine materials and verify it with an LCA.

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