PVVAL103A: Identify Relevant Planning Laws And Codes To Undertake Property Valuation: Planning And Spatial Analysis Assignment, UT, Australia

University University of Toronto (UT)
Subject PVVAL103A: Planning And Spatial Analysis

Subject learning outcomes assessed

Students are required to:

1. Identify relevant planning laws and codes to undertake property valuation.

2. Interpret maps/plans to identify key urban features.

3. Scrutinize issues of urban design.

4. Articulate sustainability issues in relation to the built environment.

5. Identify sources of planning information relevant to valuation practice.

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Identify a property in an area of your choice that falls under an existing use right provision. You are required to describe this property and the current, applicable town planning particulars. Comment on your findings – that is, the current usage of the land and the existing improvements; why you believe this property falls under an existing use right provision, and what the user would
become if the existing use right was to be extinguished.

Your report should incorporate the following:

1. An analysis to determine the ‘Highest and Best Use’

2. Redevelopment options to address urban design and sustainability issues


Research an area of your choice and identify a property that is heritage-listed. The property can be of Local, State, or National significance. Provide a description of the property, commenting on reasons for the listing, why you believe the listing was justified (or not) and whether the listing should still be in force or removed.

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