Provide a Case Study Focusing on the Midwifery Management, Support, and Referral Pathways for the Woman: Perinatal Mental Health Assignment, ANU, Australia

Subject Perinatal Mental Health

Case Study (2500 words)

Each student will choose one of three scenarios that are available to you here. You will then provide a case study focusing on the midwifery management, support, and referral pathways for the woman within the scenario you choose.

Your paper should include:

  • An introduction
  • An overview of the case in which you outline the key issues you have identified in the scenario
  • A discussion in which you detail appropriate and evidence-based midwifery management, support, and referral pathways you would offer the woman.
  • A conclusion

Your paper must address all of the above in the context of practice that maintains woman-centered care. Please ensure that you use person-first language that reflects midwifery philosophy.

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Scenario B

Sarah is a 24-year-old woman having her second baby (she is a young mother and is on her second pregnancy). She presents to the antenatal clinic at 16 weeks gestation(is it the early stages of the pregnancy- if symptoms are not recognized and treated they could get worst as there is still time for her symptoms and anxiety to become severe) and you are the midwife conducting her first antenatal visit. Sarah appears quite restless and over the course of your time together you note her mood to be labile(these behavioral symptoms such as anxiety and constant mood changes may lead to more severe thoughts like suicidal thoughts and put Sarah and her unborn baby in danger).

During Sarah’s physical health history, you learn that she has a 4-year-old daughter named Addie, whose birth Sarah describes as ‘horrific’(Sarah appears to be traumatized from her last birth experience this has effective her perspective on vaginal births). She says her previous care providers were horrible and incompetent, forcing her to have a vaginal birth. Sarah would like you to speak to the doctors about a booked Caesarean as soon as possible, stating that she ‘couldn’t go through all that again.’

(this further shows the effect Sarah’s last birthing experience had on her) In the psychosocial part of the interview, Sarah is initially reluctant to complete the ANRQ and EPDS(…) but after you discuss the role of these screening tools in care planning and she is reassured that the information does not need to be stored in her hand-held record, she agrees to do so. Sarah has an ANRQ score of 45 (Her ANRQ level is on the higher side which means she is at a greater psychosocial- risk) and an EPDS score of 11(EPDS scores shows that Sarah may be depressed thus she needs referral and re-do the test in 2-4 weeks, indicating a past significant depression

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