Pick One Skill Set In Oral Language Development: Masters Of Teaching Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject Masters Of Teaching

What to do:

1. Pick one skill set in oral language development (for example pronunciation/fluency)

2. Analyze one language learning theory that explains the teaching of the above skillset

3. What do scholars say about this theory to support the teaching/learning of the skill set?

4. How do other scholars refute this theory?

5. Examine the impact of culture on how this skill set is taught

6. Discuss how the skill set can be assessed

7. Collaborate with your group

8. Prepare your presentation by writing out the key points arranging your argument clearly and persuasively

9. Use voice-over to record these ideas. Do not read. Speak, explain.

10.Your slides should not be full of words. These should show only the key points

11. Use ‘notes’ to write your detailed explanation.

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