Organize A Group To Cover The 4 Topic Areas: Sustainable Hotel Environment Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject Sustainable Hotel Environment

Assessment 1: Group Presentation


Organize a group to cover the 4 topic areas


  • Everyone does research and presents- one area each
  • Someone to Create PowerPoint slides?
  • Delegate a speaker for the intro and/or conclusion
  • Delegate one person to collate references and ensure they are consistent.

Introduction slide:

  • Define Eco resort
  • Describe your Eco resort
  • Size
  • Location
  • unique features.

Body: consider points such as :

  • Location and characteristics of the climate in the area
  • Energy and Water Management- access? Heating and cooling systems best suited?
  • Waste removal
  • Building materials- what is local, sustainable
  • Local food & beverage sources- Local community

Research- Environmental initiatives:

  • With reference to academic and Industry journals:
  • what is the best practice in the industry
  • consider the range of measures that can be implemented to minimize the areas of environmental impact in your eco-resort.
  • You will find these from your research.
  • What are the academic articles saying and what are the industry leaders doing?

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