NURS1103: You have been Asked to Interview Your Patient to Learn About Their Health History: Clinical Reasoning Case Study, UoN, Australia

University University of Newcastle
Subject NURS1103: Clinical Reasoning


This assessment (1800 words) requires you to answer five questions, all related to the scenario below (in italic font) utilizing parts of the clinical reasoning cycle. You may use a table to address question 2.

Choose one of the simulated patients you have met so far in NURS1103 (Mrs. Poole, Mrs. Kwong, or Mrs. Biggs).

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Your chosen patient has been admitted to a medical ward in the hospital. You have been given the following information (handover):

Admitted overnight, Respiratory Rate (RR) 16, Blood Pressure (BP) 100/60, Heart Rate (HR) 115, Temperature (T ) 38.3, ward urinalysis (U/A): specific gravity (SG) 1020, pH 6, mild+ ketones.


You have been asked to interview your patient to learn about their health history, living situation, mobility, diet, and nutrition and suggest what you think the problem might be.

1. Patient situation: Summarise what you already know about your chosen patient from the course material (lectures, tutorials, including preparation). (150 words)

2. Collect cues/information: Within the context of the above scenario, create five (5) open-ended questions that you would ask to support person-centered assessment. For each question, explain how it is person-centered and why you think it is important to ask the question.

3. Provide a summary, supported by literature, explaining how your questions will promote patient safety. (300 words)

4. Process information: Using the data you already know about your patient and the information in the above scenario, interpret the data by identifying normal and abnormal data. (100 words)

5. Reflection: reflect on what you have learned from this assessment, and explain how you have demonstrated one RN standard for Practice (or sub-standard). (250 words)

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