NRSG371: What is meant by partnership and what does it mean for nurses to work in partnership with a community: Building Healthy Communities Essay, ACU, Australia

University Australian Catholic University ACU
Subject NRSG371: Building Healthy Communities

part A

Can my topic be more specific? For example, when considering the topic ‘cancer screening’, can I narrow my topic to ‘breast cancer screening’?

Your topic can be as broad or as specific as you would like it to be. In saying that, you need to consider the literature that is available to you. You need to ensure that there is an adequate amount of quality, relevant, and up-to-date literature to construct your essay. This literature needs to be specific to your chosen topic. If you find that you cannot locate this literature or, that you are steering away from your chosen topic throughout your essay, you may need to consider a different topic. Can I select a community outside of Australia? For example, if I chose to do refugee health – could I select people from South Sudan? The assignment specifically outlines that the community of choice needs to be within Australia. Therefore, if you were to select a South Sudanese community, they would need to be a South Sudanese community living in Australia.

part B

What is meant by partnership and what does it mean for nurses to work in partnership with a community?

The content relating to partnerships is covered in Module 4 of NRSG371. When asked to use a Strength-Based Approach, do we need to use a specific framework or can we refer to the basic/ simple definition of a Strength-Based Approach? You can adopt either, just as long as you are able to clearly convey how it supports nurses to work in partnership with their chosen community. Also, you need to ensure that you are able to demonstrate a sound understanding of SBA in its application. The content relating to the strengths-based approach is covered in Module 3 of NRSG371.

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