MKT525: Analyze the Current Market Situation for Your Organizations Using the PESTLE and SWOT frameworks: Digital and Social Media Marketing Assignment, CSU, Australia

University CSU
Subject MKT525: Digital and Social Media Marketing


Back to top Building on the information and insights, you gained in Assessment 1 where you are performing an audit on an organization, here you are expected to (re)develop a strategy to improve the current position of your organization.

You are expected to include:

Part A: Analyze of your consumers and the market

Analyze the current market situation for your organizations using the PESTLE and SWOT frameworks. Create your Buyer Persona and draw your consumer buying journey. First, you need to identify and profile your audiences – Be sure to develop your persona based on psychographics, benefits sought, and demographics and their likely roles (as per the buyer persona model). Please use Table 4.1 (Heinze et al., 2017 p.95). This includes mapping the buyer journey (Heinze et al 2017, pp 80-82 – section 3.4).

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Part B: Developing Objectives and an overall campaign strategy

Given what you know about your consumers and the market; Develop some SMART objectives for your campaign strategy –Chapter 4 (pp. 104-106) for suggestions on key digital objectives.

Strategy Statement – Develop a strategy statement by conceptualizing digital marketing as it applies across multiple digital platforms.

Strategy – Considering the 8 C’s strategic development guidelines in Chapter 4 (See table 4.7) of your textbook to develop a comprehensive strategic marketing plan on how you will drive the success of your chosen brand/organization.

You must develop and explain at least three (3) digital standalone strategies for your brand and an additional one (1) more traditional marketing strategies. Remember your offline strategies need to be cohesive with your digital strategies. You may want to consider the ‘owned/bought/earned’ model of strategy development (Chapter 6.7 of your textbook).

Remember: What differentiates you? – A detailed set of considerations will be discussed during Online meeting sessions and further detailed in Interact 2.

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