MIS771: Identify Key Data Elements In The Selected Dataset That Could Be Used: Descriptive Analytics And Visualization Assignment, DBS, Australia

University Deakin University
Subject MIS771: Descriptive Analytics And Visualization

The Data Visualisation assignment consists of the following steps:

a) Review the dataset

b) Identify key data elements in the selected dataset that could be used to explore further using data visualization methods.

c) Define a business/user persona that will be the audience of your data visualization, and develop a story to help focus and guide your data visualization development process.

d) Present a professional report outlining the key aspects of your data visualization.

e) Develop a Data Visualisation dashboard (using the Tableau software), and present screenshots and descriptions of the dashboard in PowerPoint.

 Written Component 

You are required to write a ‘professionally’ presented business report based on the working data and with the following content areas:

a) Identify Data Elements Using what you have learned in the lectures and tutorials, please describe each column in the dataset and classify the Data

b) Describe the Audience for your Data Visualisation Describe the audience of the Data Visualisation you intend to create. This section should include a general description of the persona, questions they want to be answered, actions/outcomes you will be supporting, the feeling you’d like to convey.

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c) Describe at a high level what types of charts you might use to display the data. Based on the data types you described earlier in this section, along with the objectives of the persona you described, what charts and visualizations do you think might work well to communicate our information.

d) Finally, describe any data ethics considerations there with the data you intend to use. Please describe any considerations you think you should keep in mind while developing and sharing your visualization.

 Presentation Component

In the Presentation component of the assignment you are expected to develop an Interactive Data Visualisation Dashboard, using your selected dataset, and then capture and describe various screenshots in a PowerPoint presentation. Then using the skills you have developed in the tutorial sessions.

you should develop an interactive Data Visualisation using the Tableau software. In addition to the screenshots, you are required to provide additional comments and descriptions on each slide, which describe details about how you have considered the Data Visualisation Framework while developing the Data Visualisation. For example

a) What and why you selected certain types of Charts?

b) How have you used Colour (or not)?

c) How have you used Hierarchy in your approach?

d) What Interactive components do you introduce?

e) How have you supported the motivations of the Persona you defined?

f) Data Source details/citations, and any data manipulation you performed

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For this Data Visualisation assignment, I have provided you with a Dataset that contains Data Elements with characteristics that lend themselves to different types of Data Visualisations and Interactions (that is, Multi-Variant and Geo-Location). The following section provides a high-level description of the Dataset and the actual dataset will be available via the Cloud Deakin Site.

Dataset: Sony Music Filename: SonyMusic.xlsx The ‘Sony Music’ dataset is a Multivariate dataset that provides details on 150 albums released by Sony Music in the last 6 years. Sony Music Entertainment (sometimes known plainly as Sony Music or by the initials, SME) is an American music corporation managed and operated by Sony Corporation of America (SCA), a subsidiary of Japanese conglomerate Sony Corporation and is the world’s second-largest music company, after Universal Music Group. Out of the “Big Three” record companies, with Universal Music Group, being the largest, and Warner Music Group, SME can be considered a middle-sized company that has managed to survive despite all fluctuations in the music industry.

Rubric Criteria Poor Needs Improvement Acceptable Well Done Excellent

Part 1:  Written Components – Overall Presentation Quality of Written Submission

a)  The structure of the written submission was unclear and difficult to follow

b) The written submission had a basic structure but was inconsistent or incomplete

c) All written topic areas were covered and basic structure was provided

d) The written submission was complete and very well presented

e) The written submission was skilfully prepared and comprehensively presented

 Part 2: Presentation Components -Overall Presentation Quality of Presentation Submission

a) The structure of the presentation submission was unclear and difficult to follow

b) The presentation submission had a basic structure but was inconsistent or incomplete

c) The presentation was well presented and a good basic structure was provided

d) The presentation submission was complete and very well presented

e) The presentation submission was skilfully prepared and comprehensively presented

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