MGMTP102: Biographical Details About The Leader And Evidence Of Their Effect On The Success: Management Principles Essay, FU, Australia

University Federation University
Subject MGMTP102: Management Principles

Structure of the Assessment

The form of the assessment is an argumentative essay so you must form a position statement on the leader, their leadership approach (style), and its effect on the business performance. This position statement (thesis) together with an outline of the specific arguments you intend to put to support your thesis, must be in the introduction to your essay.

The body paragraphs of your essay could follow this outline:

Paragraph 1 – Biographical details about the leader and evidence of their effect on the success of the organization,

Paragraph 2 – An outline of a leadership style or approach, its advantages and
disadvantages, that you believe the leader has demonstrated.

Paragraph 3 – Illustrate how the leader has applied this approach in their leadership of the organization, its appropriateness to the organization’s situation, and how it contributed to the success of the organization.

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