MEM50212: The student will consider the Pilot AHU located on the Mezzanine floor of F: Diploma Of Engineering – Technical Case Study, TAFE NSW, Australia

University TAFE NSW
Subject MEM50212 Diploma Of Engineering - Technical

Case Study

The student will consider the Pilot AHU located on the Mezzanine floor of F block Carlisle Campus. Other systems will be designated by the lecturer.

The tasks below include practical tasks and are will be observed by the assessor.

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Q1 Establish type, location and scope of control systems for HVAC/R plant

Q2 Identify stakeholders to be consulted during analysis and service

Q3 List functions and features of HVAC/R system

Q4 Establish software and software techniques required for evaluation

Q5 Identify relevant WHS, regulatory and environmental requirements

Q6 Investigate sustainability implications of HVAC/R control and energy management systems

Q7 State passive characteristics, heat loads and energy requirements for the HVAC/R systems

Q8 State energy options, tariffs, system and component consumption against benchmarks and comparative tariffs

Q9 State scope of control system hardware, including controllers, analog and digital Input/output (I/O), interfaces and actuators, including electrical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic devices

Q10 Map and monitor HVAC/R control system, protocols and topology, system function, control settings, I/O, and major system hardware components and energy requirements

Q11 Identify building management system control system software and programming techniques

Q12 List selection of tools, equipment, testing devices and materials required for service and fault-finding

Q13 Determine required measurements and measurement techniques (tools required)

Q14 Write brief JSA to calibrate, set up, and test measurement equipment and procedures

Q15 Identify appropriate analysis techniques, analysis and simulation software and software validation techniques

Q16 Supervise measuring of the performance of the control system in maintaining specified environmental conditions – write procedure for measuring air velocities at different damper settings, Supervise measurements.

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Q17 Adjusted HVAC/R system to specification according to specifications and enterprise procedures – List what can be adjusted. Enter airflow setpoint

Q18 Ensure isolation, repair or replacement of components not performing to specification – Write isolation procedure for U/S fan.

Q19 Validate control programs and software for system performance and simulation Write a checklist based on the points list and possible states.

Q20 Write a JSA for testing or measuring on an electrically live system

Q21 Ensure compliance with WHS, regulatory, environmental and risk management requirements – conduct a risk analysis for replacing a damper actuator

Q22 Optimize the control system for economic and efficient operation through daily, seasonal and annual cycles – setup a schedule to reflect usage (daily, weekly annual with exceptions)

Q23 Develop control diagram and record settings for optimal system performance Sketch below (note this can be from Energy Audit)

Q24 Record results, including rectification or improvement recommendations
(note this can be from Energy Audit)

Q25 Provide report and supporting documentation, such as building thermal and control system audits, energy costing, and efficiency evaluations, control system map and signal diagrams, control programs, system analysis and simulation files (note this can be from Energy Audit)

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