JNB158: A cherry grower in the Huon Valley in Tasmania plans to export cherries to Hanoi, Vietnam in the 2022/2023 season: International Transport Systems Assignment, UOT, Ireland

University University of Tasmania (UOT)
Subject JNB158: International Transport Systems

Question 1

A cherry grower in the Huon Valley in Tasmania plans to export cherries toV Hanoi, Vietnam in the 2022/2023 season. The cherry grower has three different varieties that ripen at different times between mid-December and
mid-February. The total expected amount of cherries for export is about 300 tons. Make any reasonable assumptions if needed and complete the following two tasks.

a) Propose the most suitable transport process to move the 300 tons of cherries from the cherry orchard in the Huon Valley in Tasmania to supermarkets in Hanoi.

b) Discuss, from a transport and logistics perspective, the key factors affecting the quality of Tasmanian cherries on the shelves of supermarkets in Hanoi.

Question 2

Using real-world information from your country of residence, complete the following two tasks:

a) Identify and discuss two major negative impacts, one social and one environmental, caused by road transport in your country of residence.

b) Discuss how the negative impacts identified in part

a) above can be reduced. You should include any measures that have been (or are currently being) taken to reduce the negative impacts and any other measures that can be taken in the future.

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