In Your Own Words, Define The Term Meridian: Meridian System Course Work, MU, Australia

University Monash University
Subject Meridian System

1. In your own words, define the term ‘meridian’. In your answer, make reference to the concept of vital energy.

2. List the names of the fourteen meridians commonly utilized in meridian therapy practice.

3. Describe the direction of movement of vital energy in the meridians in terms of yin and yang.

4. Name the six yin organs, and the six yang organs.

5. Describe the position of the central meridian and the governing meridian and the direction in which the vital energy moves in each of these meridians.

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6. List the organ meridians as pairs, and briefly describe the function of each pair.

7. With reference to the meridian system why, when a person has an upset stomach, could they see spots in front of their eyes, get a headache and/or have pains in the legs?

8. What are ‘acupoints’? Describe their purpose in meridian therapy.

9. In your own words, explain why meridian therapies may be useful in Holistic Counselling practice.

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