ICTPRG302: determine client problems by questioning or other techniques and record and prioritize client support activities: Apply introductory programming techniques Assignment, ACA, Australia

University Abbey College Australia (ACA)
Subject ICTPRG302: Apply introductory programming techniques

Assessment criteria

In this assessment task, you are required to complete the following assessment activities:

1. determine client problems by questioning or other techniques
2. record and prioritize client support activities including follow-up action and organization’s
escalation procedures
3. establish and record relevant constraints
4. undertake an impact analysis of the problem to determine the severity and risks
5. determine required resources based on the logged problems
6. refer to a database of known problems to identify possible resolution solutions
7. resolve client problems or escalate according to organizational guidelines or practices
8. store or dispose of used components following organizational environmental guidelines
9. prepare maintenance report including information about problems and resolution action
10. seek and record client feedback
11. forward client feedback to the appropriate person for sign-off and record in known problems
database as appropriate
You must complete this task based upon the information provided in the scenario and other relevant sections of this assessment task.

You will be required to demonstrate that you have successfully participated in and completed two client support activities

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