ICT50115: Explain The Web Development Life Cycle: Diploma Of Information Technology Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject ICT50115: Diploma Of Information Technology

Question 1: Explain the web development life cycle

Question 2: All agile development methodologies are based on the agile manifesto and a set of twelve principles of analysis and design. List these principles.

Question 3:  Explain each of the following terms in your own 50-100 words:

a) Programming controls/ Control structures / Control statements

b) Design Structures

c) Object-oriented programming

Question 4: Explain each of the following web programming concepts in your own 50-100 words:

a) authentication

b) web security

c) hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP)

d) session management

e) stateless programming

Question 5: Outline the difference between authentication and authorization in your own 50-100 words.

Question 6: Answer the following questions regarding the analysis phase:

a) Explain the analysis phase and major deliverables in 40-90 words.

b) Describe the principal steps in the analysis phase. Explain each principal step in 40-90 words.

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