HLTENN010: After Reading Williams’s Story In Your Subject Topics And Using The Palliative Needs: Apply A Palliative Approach In Nursing Practice Assignment, UON, Australia

University University of Newcastle
Subject HLTENN010: Apply A Palliative Approach In Nursing Practice

Please answer all questions within this assessment.

1. After reading Williams’s story in your subject topics and using the Palliative Needs Assessment Tool as a guide, identify 4 possible health care needs that William and his wife may require.

2. In reference to Michelle’s story (1st video) within your subject topics, what effective communication strategies did Meredith use to give the news to Michelle and Pete about the progression of her disease? – you may like to look at the PREPARED acronym in your study topics to assist.

3. Discuss 3 relevant support services Michelle and Pete may access to provide a supportive environment for the family during the initial stages of Michelle’s new diagnosis.

4. Thinking about Michelle’s story, Identify and discuss 4 relevant resources available to Pete and his children that will support their grief and bereavement following Michelle’s death.

5. Discuss 3 ways that you as an Enrolled Nurse can provide emotional support to Michelle and her family in relation to grief, loss, and bereavement.

6. As Michelle’s condition deteriorates the family may have questions about what physical changes they may see in Michelle. To assist the family’s understanding of the dying process it is important for you as the nurse to.

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