HLTAAP001: reate a poster that details the location, structure, and function of the following major body systems: Recognise Healthy Body Systems Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject HLTAAP001: Recognise Healthy Body Systems

Activity 1A

Question 1

From your own understanding and research: on an A4/A3 piece of paper, create a poster that details the location, structure, and function of the following major body systems; please note: you may use more than one A3 page to show systems to ensure these are made clear:

  • Cardiovascular system
  • Respiratory system
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Endocrine system
  • Nervous system
  • Digestive system
  • Urinary system
  • Reproductive system
  • Integumentary system
  • Lymphatic system
  • The special senses – smell, taste, vision, equilibrium and hearing
  • Cells, tissues, and organs.

Question 2

Provide four examples of how body systems work (or interrelate) with each other to ensure a healthy body. You may need to perform brief research for this question.

Activity 2A

Question 1

Create a guide to maintaining a healthy body, including:

  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Medical check-ups
  • Maintenance of body temperature
  • Maintenance of blood pressure.

Question 2

Create an attainable generic exercise schedule for someone over 65, who is of moderate health but does not exercise regularly. Think about the physical limitations that may impact upon mobility, as well as safety concerns and time constraints.

Activity 2B

Question 1

From your knowledge and any other additional research, create and attach a flow diagram to demonstrate how the major body systems relate to one another. Provide five examples.

Question 2

Identify three examples of what will happen if the major body systems were not connected to work together (for example, without the digestive system, we would not be able to assimilate nutrients from foods). You may need to perform brief research for this question.

Activity 2C

Question 1

How might you share information about healthy functioning of the body to clients? List three methods.

Question 2

Describe how the several systems in the human body are interconnected and why it is vital for health workers to recognise the connections and the positioning of bodily systems with each other.

Knowledge assessment

Question 1

Put together a presentation by PowerPoint, or another appropriate presentation software, (with images) on the basic structure and functions of one of the main 13 systems and its associated components and how they function together. Upload below when complete.

For example, if the respiratory system was chosen, the nose/nasal cavity, mouth, pharynx, etc. would all need to be detailed and how they collaborate to maintain a functioning system as a whole.

Question 2

Which processes, conditions and resources does the body utilise to maintain healthy functioning, and why are these important? Your answer must include a description of at least two forms of body regulation.

Body regulation includes:

  • Maintenance of body temperature
  • Fluid and electrolyte  (including pH) balance
  • Elimination of wastes from the body
  • Maintenance of blood pressure.

Question 3

How does the body protect itself from infection?

Performance assessment

Question 1

Explain how John will benefit from taking up regular exercises such as walking or cycling, and how this will help to improve his fitness and body health.

Question 2

Explain what the musculo-skeletal system is, its function, and how Maria can help improve her knee health.

Question 3

What is high blood pressure, and what can this cause? Identify the methods that Timothy can use to reduce his blood pressure level.

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