H5030: The Company Ceylon Textile Suppliers (CTS) An Australian Owned Organization: Business Systems Analysis And Design Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject H5030: Business Systems Analysis And Design

Group Assignment Case Study

The Company Ceylon Textile Suppliers (CTS), an Australian-owned organization based in Melbourne which supplies clothing-related products to Australian and New Zealand retail outlets on a sale or return basis. It has an annual turnover of around $ 60M and plans to expand this.

The current business processes for operations have limited and ad-hoc IT systems to support them. Business processes are mainly manual, and the inter-departmental communication of information is mostly paper-based. There are a number of issues with operations recognized by the staff running these processes, which interfere with the smooth running of their departments.

Ceylon Textile Suppliers:

new IT-based strategy CTS’s Board of Directors has declared a strategy to expand the business’s operations to embrace the latest developments in information technologies, specifically web-based technologies and the opportunities it presents. This is likely to include a web interface and web presence beyond the purely brochure-style one in place. The strategy requires sales and stock operations should be automated, integrated support to achieve efficiency gains, and the ability to inter-operate with any internet technologies and opportunities it presents to CTS’s new strategy. The Board of Directors wants a phased implementation to realize benefits quickly and to minimize the risk of interruption to its core operations.

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Holmes consultants CTC’s Board of Directors have contacted the Holmes Institute to help them to achieve their new strategic directions and requested a proposal to conduct a comprehensive review of its processes to identify areas for improvement and to implement their IT-based strategy. They also asked Holmes to propose a suitable internet-based automated solution
to facilitate its new strategic initiative as the second stage of the project.

Project requirement

As a first step of the proposal, the Holmes consultants have prepared an initial review report that includes current processes related to sales orders, stock control, and advertising campaign. Your task is to provide a system vision and requirement models for each subsystem and other necessary information to represent the current level scope, as indicated by the consultant’s report.

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