GSB005: As a practising manager, it is useful to understand the implications of having appropriate frameworks: Managing Operational Improvement Assignment, AIM, Australia

University AIM University (AIM)
Subject GSB005: Managing Operational Improvement

As a practicing manager, it is useful to understand the implications of having appropriate frameworks, methodologies, principles and philosophies, strategies, and tools for the execution of effective operations management, including operational improvements.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand holistic operations management theory and its practical application for sustainable organizational improvement.
  • Analyze organizations in terms of operations systems, practices, and processes to improve the quality of management.
  • ¬†Evaluate digital operations strategy and systems to improve an organization’s performance
  • Understand the design, implementation, and delivery of strategy and the process of monitoring, control, and risk management.
  • Demonstrate a high order of skill in analysis, critical thinking, and professional application Graduate Attributes.

Task 1

This assessment task aims to understand external forces of change impacting industries/sectors and the types of challenges organizations face in light of these changes. This assessment task begins with understanding the main drivers behind operational strategies for improvements from both macro and micro perspectives. It requires you to demonstrate an understanding of external forces of change within a known industry or sector you work within or have had direct experience with.

This assessment task requires identifying a workplace or service setting such as a department/division/SBU. Finally, you are required to either analyze your organization or an alternative one as agreed by your facilitator and/or coach.

Your report should draw upon operations and digital strategies, models, and approaches demonstrated through the prescribed text and academic and grey literature. Examples of grey literature include industry/sector and Government publications.

Academic literature includes a minimum of five (5) peer-reviewed scholarly journals supplemented by additional textbooks.

You can also include two (2) relevant scholarly articles from the recommended readings section in this Unit Guide. The report comprises three main parts, followed by recommendations and a conclusion.

Your task is to produce a report pitched to a senior executive group on forces of change and proposed benefits of adopting digitalization as an enabler for delivering organizational and operational improvements.

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