GCSCS6004: Describe the level of the conflict and what possible actions could cause it to escalate further: Conflict Management Assignment, Federation University, Australia

University Federation University
Subject GCSCS6004: Conflict Management


  1. Describe the level of the conflict and what possible actions could cause it to escalate further
  2. What Strategy you would use, including communication skills you would employ and how you would behave.
  3. How you could turn an apparent negative situation into an opportunity

Part 3: Incident Report – Complete the incident report on page 5 to record the incident described in case study 4

Part 4: Personal Examples – Provide 3 examples of conflict situations that you were involved in. In each example, briefly explain who was involved, what the situation was, and the outcome.  If these situations occurred again, would you deal with them in the same way or would you handle them differently?

  • In your own words please answer comprehensively with your own workplace examples where applicable.
  1. A) Using a paragraph outline in your own words, what is meant by the term Conflict.
  2. B) Research and then describe three of the main types of Conflict in the hospitality workplace with an example of each.
  1. Identify and explain seven (7) major causes of conflict in the hospitality industry and give an example of how this would impact the team.
  1. List six (6) Body Language signals that can assist us in identifying potential conflict situations and explain why relying on Body Language signals is not sufficient in determining a potential conflict situation.
  1. Give four examples of how a person’s speech can indicate potential or actual conflict in a workplace scenario.
  1. Explain the five (5) stages of conflict and what factors could cause the conflict to escalate to the next stage.
  1. Using the tool known as the Thomas and Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) Explain the three (3) possible outcomes to a conflict and state which of the outcomes is the most preferred and why.
  1. Describe what is required in order to possess good Interpersonal Skills and why it is important to have these skills when attempting to resolve a conflict situation.
  1. Under what circumstances do we need to complete an Incident Report and what information does such a report need to contain.
  1. Describe, using 2 examples how you could turn a customer complaint into a sales opportunity.
  1. Describe how your establishment (or a nominated business of your choice) deals with customer complaints. Analyze and explain if the procedure or process is effective and suggest any improvements that can be made.

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