FNCE40009: US Investors are Mostly Institutional Investors. How the Homogeneity of Their Trading: Advanced Derivative Securities Assignment, Melbourne University

University Melbourne University
Subject FNCE40009: Advanced Derivative Securities


Assignment Questions:

The following are the years that the big market crashes happened since 1900 in the US stock market including the most recent one.






  • Please give me some education on the economic and political background, triggers, and fundamental reasons for each market crash.
  • Please compare the 2020 market crash with the listed previous ones. What are the similarity and dissimilarities?
  • How the 2008 Global financial crisis impacts on 2020 crisis (Hint: Volcker Rule)?

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  • US investors are mostly institutional investors. How the homogeneity of their trading exacerbate the liquidity crisis in the stock market?
  • Federal Reserve cuts rates and launches a massive quantitative easing program, are they working? How do you comment on those actions?
  • What actions US Senate has taken, are they working and how do you comment on those actions?
  •  Please list all the references. The font is Times New Roman, size 12pt, 1.5 line space.

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