Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Disclosure – Sunway College

Select a company from the website link Find the latest sustainability report for your chosen company. Read relevant news and articles of the company and its industry to answer ALL the questions below.

Question 1
Define ethical business behavior. Define and identify three (3) stakeholders of the company. (3 marks)
Word limit: 60 words.

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Question 2
Define “industry” and identify the industry that your company belongs to. Explain the primary activities of the company and name one (1) of its Australian competitors. (4 marks)
Word limit: 80 words.

Question 3
Discuss three (3) demonstrated or expected ethical behavior of the selected
industry that affects three (3), different stakeholders. Elaborate on the potential benefits of each ethical behavior for each stakeholder and the company. (27 marks)
Word limit: 600 words.

Question 4
Define corporate social responsibility (CSR). Discuss three (3) recent (the year 2016- present) CSR projects that the company was involved in. In each CSR project, explain the actual or expected goals set and describe the achievements or benefits attained by the company. (28 marks)
Word limit: 600 words.

Question 5
Define corporate social disclosure. Discuss three (3) possible challenges experienced by the company that incorporates social disclosure. For each challenge, suggest a possible solution. (19 marks)
Word limit: 400 words.

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Question 6
Discuss how three (3) different types of stakeholders use the information in the company’s sustainability report for their respective decision-making. (9 marks)
Word limit: 180 words

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