EDUC6033 Educational Applications of Digital Technologies- Curtin University

Assessment 2: Resource creation and evaluation (50%),
This assessment task is based on the concept of ‘flipped classrooms’. There are two tasks that you will complete:
Part A: You are to develop a 5 to 7 minute instructional video targeting a very specific aspect of the Australian Curriculum. This video should be targeted at a particular year-level and designed for independent student use (i.e. be a ‘flipped video’).
Part B: You are to write a 1000 word critical evaluation supported by high-quality references on the role that technology can play in the ‘flipped’ classroom.

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Assessment Criteria (see Blackboard for the actual marking guide)
The instructional video;
  •  is of the correct type (designed for independent use, i.e. ‘flipped video’)
  •  targets a particular age group
  •  addresses a suitable topic from the Australian Curriculum
  •  is educationally effective
  •  is of high technical quality (editing, audio quality, etc)
The critical reflection
  •  has a clear central thesis
  •  demonstrates both reflective and critical thinking
  •  is supported by high-quality references
  •  demonstrates a high-level of academic writing skills
  •  has a referencing style that conforms to APA 6th Edition

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