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Subject EDC2200: First Nations Education




You are to develop a statement of your philosophy as a classroom teacher for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners. The teaching philosophy should include a narrative about your conceptions of teaching and learning in regard to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students; a description of how the teaching and learning of Indigenous students require understandings of how cultures, cultural identities, and linguistic backgrounds influence Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students’ educational engagement, participation, and outcomes; and justifications for the values, beliefs, and goals shared.  To do this, you are to critically reflect on the learning undertaken throughout this course and discuss how the key concepts of the course have impacted upon your thinking for future practice and promotion of reconciliation.

Reflect on your professional development as a Preservice teacher and your Teaching Philosophy Statement and describe three professional development sources (see suggested EDC2200 list) which can continue building your knowledge and understanding after the completion of this course. Show how these sources could contribute to the ongoing development of your skills, knowledge, and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and languages as well as promote ongoing reconciliation and enable teaching strategies that support cultural and linguistic needs that foster student engagement. Demonstrate how the professional development sources align with your Teaching Philosophy and will inform your future career. 

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1. Select ONE of the lesson plans provided for your teaching sector from the Assignment 2 block. Critique the chosen lesson plan by annotating it with explanations about the appropriateness or inappropriateness for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners of the teaching and learning and activities, including ONE of the resources. Include ONLY your annotated lesson plan in your assignment an APPENDIX, but NOT the original lesson plan. Write a summary of your annotations into a sequence of connected paragraphs (see Part B example in the Assessment tab).

2. Describe and discuss an alternative Indigenous pedagogical approach either Tyson Yunkaporta’s 8 Aboriginal Ways of Learning OR Uncle Ernie Grant’s My land, My tracks: a framework for the holistic approach to indigenous studies, which both cater for Indigenous students, and explain how it addresses Indigenous learning styles and promotes Indigenous Knowledgeswithin your chosen Lesson Plan.

3. Plan a learning activity by choosing an alternative and culturally appropriate resource to the one that was critiqued in step 1 demonstrating how you would include or consider Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the teaching and learning, how you would utilize the resource and the alternative pedagogical approach from Step 2 providing a minimum of 20 step-by-step processes. 

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