Ealy reading I often a shared experience between a child and a parent or teacher: English Assignment, JCU, Australia

University James Cook University JCU
Subject English


Ealy reading I often a shared experience between a child and a parent or teacher. Pictures can Jaya a very important role in helping children understand the essence of the text’s meaning, The role of the illustrator is to assist understanding but ao make the experience of reading more enjoyable by providing a direct and immediate visual stimulus to the story ‘while the child going through whats, for them, a complex. comprehension process.


To visually enhance and support young children! experience and comprehension of shared reading.

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Learning outcomes

[At the end of this assignment you will be able to


Identify and describe how eat reading precedent publications assist the shared reading experience of young children.


‘Apply to understand of what is required in early reading lustration through the development ‘of own concepts based on author’s text


Explore multiple compositional options and determine an effective aesthetic

Use an effective mock image approach (fought, layouts) to communicate with others


Complete a series of images that show the continuity of characterization

Complete a series of images that conceptually enhance the text

Complete a series of images that demonstrate technical proficiency with media


Present and describe work articulately in a well-organized format, focusing on how you believe you have addressed the assignment’s aim

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