Discuss the Importance of Exploring a client’s Views on past lives in Regression Therapy Practice: Holistic Counselling Diploma Course Coursework, HHC, Australia

Subject Holistic Counselling Diploma

Regression Therapy for Holistic Counselling Practice

Discuss the fundamental purpose/s of regression therapy.

What are the three principles of regression therapy? Discuss.

Discuss the importance of exploring a client’s views on past lives in regression therapy practice.

How would you approach a client whose views on past life/regression therapy conflicted with your own? [Note that you are not required to discuss your own views in your response if you do not wish to do so].

Discuss ‘karma’ as a philosophy of past lives.

Discuss the importance of ‘therapy’ in regression therapy practice.

What clues can dreams give us about past lives?

Describe Stage 1 of regression therapy.

Describe Stage 2 of regression therapy.

Describe Stage 3 of regression therapy.

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